On November 17th the curtains rose and for the first time the actors and their mentors took the stage, and began their first performance of ‘Annie Jr.’.  It was an amazing performance and the excitement of all involved could be felt throughout the theater.  As directors we could not have been more proud of our actors and mentors!   When we started Penguin Project of the Sauk Valley a little over a year ago, we had high hopes and were excited to meet our new actors and mentors.  We had no idea that these young adults would completely steal our hearts and that we would bond so closely with them, their mentors and their families.  We have laughed, cried, and had our hearts bursting with pride as we watched everyone involved grow and become friends.

Thank you to our fearless actors, our wonderful mentors and all their amazing families for letting us into your lives and giving us the chance to get to know your amazing kids.  We are so proud to have them in our theater family and can’t wait to watch how they grow in the upcoming productions.


Video credit: Chris Palmer


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